Industrial and Domestic Water Filtration

East Midlands Water Company

East Midlands Water Company SA was founded by Hans van Kamp in 2007. The aim was to become a well-established water filtration company for the domestic market. Since the start we have experienced a steady growth and our services have widened to cover industrial, pool systems and waste water treatment. With our Whole House Water Filtration System (point of entry filtration), we have become a leader in the domestic market with systems installed all over the country, even as far as the Seychelles.

Our range of whole house water filtration systems were developed and sized according to the size of the water mains connection and the number of bathrooms.

We became involved in industrial systems when we secured import agreement for Berson as well as Hanovia UV systems. UV systems are always part of a bigger system, so the other filter systems followed suit. Waste water systems were added when customers requested us to take care of all water related issues, not just the clean water. Since we have a passion for UV systems we also decided to provide systems for pools as it is logic to have a “no Chlorine” pool when you take great care to remove the Chlorine from the mains water.