Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment

The demand for compact and reliable waste water system has increased in the resent years.

The reason is that “French drains” are no longer allowed and that the regulations on the final effluent needs to be met.


We are an agent for the Fusion sewerage treatment system, treating Sewerage & Gray water.

The Fusion is one of the most sold systems in the world with a production of over 40 000 p/year.

The effluent quality is such that it can be discharged or re-used for irrigation.


The benefits of the Fusion systems:

  • Very low noise factor;
  • Easy and quick installation;
  • Low maintenance;
  • Excellent reduction of COD, TSS and Ammonia;
  • No downtime during service;
  • Alarm panel included, self-monitoring;
  • Effluent meets DWA general limits;
  • No electrical components or pumps/motors underground.