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Which Water Filter Is Best For Your Business


How can water filters prevent your staff from becoming ill and save you money

I’m sure all business owners can all agree on one thing, overseeing your source of income can be extremely stressful. Your days probably consist of taking numerous risks, dealing with finances and demanding clients/ customers. With that being said, the last thing you, your company and dedicated employees would want, is for someone to fall ill. It not only feels awful but it can also affect the business tremendously, how you may ask? Well, it can cost a lot of money, ranging from medical bills, especially if something on the premises caused it, as well as sick leave.

How do you prevent illnesses at an affordable price? According to various studies, thousands of bacteria have been found in tap water. Although some of them may not be harmful, some of them can affect the immune system.

Thankfully there is a solution; water filters are an excellent method of ensuring the overall health safety of your employees. One can rest easy with this installation. Which one is best suited for you? Keep on reading to find out.

Reverse Osmosis

A Reverse Osmosis filtration water system is perfect for companies. This excellent contraption can get rid of various germs, salts and not only that; it also decontaminates it from any potential harmful properties with the assistance of membrane technology.

Avoid the water filtration system being an eyesore and install it under the counter, this way there’ll be ample space, happy, healthy employees and clean water for all.

2-Tap Commercial Water Filter

If the office tends to get quite warm and stuffy, then why not install a 2-tap commercial water filter. It’s ideal as its space saving and is designed in such a way that it easily fits on to the countertop. It’s made up of two separate units: one refrigeration, a carbon unit which is connected to the water supply and a water filtration assembly. This fantastic water filter can produce around 35 litres of cold water per hour.

Carbon Water Filter

If you’re part of the world of food and beverages, then water filters are crucial for your business. Many customers opt for tap water to avoid spending large amounts of money. It might not be good for business but instead of presenting them with water that could cause them to become ill, instead of supply them with safe water.

This water filter is perfect for removing any purities through a point of entry system, to name a few, lead, chlorine, parasites, PCBs and radon can be absorbed.

It’s crucial that entrepreneurs implement the various methods to safeguard the health of their employees and customers. Do you have a good water filtration system?