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Your pure water specialists

Cape based EMWC is a market leader in the engineering of robust, scalable water purification systems. From large-scale industrial to small-scale domestic, our pure water solutions meet the highest standards of performance and reliability, for customers who will settle for nothing less.

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Reverse Osmosis

Turn any ground or surface water into the purest water – and use less electricity doing it. Whatever your industry, whatever your size, our custom RO systems deliver.

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UV Sterilization

Our UV sterilization systems harness the power of ultraviolet to kill 99,9% of all bacteria and viruses in water. Ask us about a low-energy, low-maintenance solution.

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Future-proof your business with a permanent drought solution. We’re industry leaders in reverse osmosis desalination systems for saline groundwater and sea water.

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Media Filtration

One of the most affordable ways of removing ferric, parasites, phosphates, arsenic and manganese from water. Ask us about our AFM and GAC media filtration.

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Purify black water to DWS standards. Whether for residential developments or big industry, our sewerage water treatment solutions are safe and cost-effective.

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Recover as much as 80% of your domestic water for re-use and permanently reduce your water bill. A safe, reliable greywater system from EMWC is the answer.

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Metal Reduction

Groundwater, especially borehole water, is high in iron and manganese. At EMWC we have perfected our engineered solutions for removing metals from any water source.

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Nano Filtration

Turn your hard water into safe soft water. Nano filtration effectively and affordably purifies groundwater and surface water with a low total dissolved solids concentration.

Better. Greener. More cost-effective.


Our containerized metal removal system and
9kL/hr reverse osmosis system helped Netcare Greenacres in Port Elizabeth get off the grid and keep on operating optimally during a severe drought.

A 4kL/hr reverse osmosis system, treating water with a TDS 20 times higher than SANS standards, catered to the water needs of the entire N1 City shopping centre during one of Cape Town’s longest, most severe droughts on record. 


As a bottling company, Chill needed water of the highest quality. Our rework of their RO system improved their recovery rate to 85%, producing 24Kl/hr, with the new activated carbon pre-filtration system we designed delivering 60kL/hr.


We’re engineers, so finding logical technical solutions to complex problems is what we do. But we’re also business people. We appreciate that our clients want solutions that don’t only work now, but will keep on working for a very long time. Solutions that are cost-effective, targeted, on budget and on time.

That’s why we do things a little differently at EMWC



We combine our expertise in the core engineering disciplines – mechanical, chemical and electrical – with a deep understanding of our clients’ needs. It’s what has enabled us to deliver on even the most complex of projects since 2007.



We believe you should buy what you want, not what the market dictates. At EMWC we don’t use off-the-shelf parts or products. Instead we spend time figuring out what you really need, and then we custom design and build it from scratch, just for you.



Our team is small and everyone is top in their field. That’s why we have the ability to deliver on large industrial water projects at far lower overheads. It’s savings you’ll see in the job we do for you. Need to talk to us? Any time. Our flat management structure makes us accessible and responsive. Exactly the way we believe we should be.



Our turnkey water purification solutions are truly one-stop. We’ll help with the red tape, including WULA, WSP and WSI applications. Borehole drilling; hydrological reports; post-project online monitoring of your plant and water performance? Yes, we really do it all.

And we’re guided every step of the way by a single-minded
focus on one thing – the quality of the end result.

Finding solutions for our clients’ unique water needs since 2007


Less than ONE PERCENT of Earth’s fresh water is fit for human consumption.

Over utilisation, contamination, climatic influences – the factors that drive the increasing scarcity of this life-sustaining resource are numerous. At EMWC we’re driven to find effective water purification solutions with sustainability at their core. Because waiting until tomorrow is simply too late.

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