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EMWC SA is a market leader in the custom-engineering of robust, scalable water purification systems. We deliver flexible water treatment solutions and innovative technologies for home and industry. Scalable maintenance options available. Quality Workmanship Guaranteed.

EMWC is a trusted water purification system solutions provider in Africa. EMWC is a Level 2 B-BBEE Contributor - 021 883 8093

Reverse Osmosis

Water Purification System

UV Sterilization

Water Purification System


Water Purification System EMWC

Media Filtration

EMWC is a trusted water purification system solutions provider in Africa. EMWC is a Level 2 B-BBEE Contributor - 021 883 8093


Water Purification System - EMWC - 021 883 8093


Metal Reduction

Metal Reduction

Nano Filtration

Nano Filtration

Enjoy water of the highest quality with service standards to match.

Let our expert in-house team of chemical and water engineers, formulate a tailor-made water treatment estimate, with an informative breakdown of your water report for your home or business.


Smart Water Treatment Solutions

EMWC SA offers extensive experience in designing, building and operating small, medium and large scale, centralized and decentralized water and desalination plant throughout Africa. All water purification system installations include a maintenance SLA and manufacturer warranties.

All water purification systems come with an optional maintenance SLA to ensure the longevity of your water treatment system.

Professional water treatment consulting services to professionals in the engineering, architectural, and building sector.

Professional training from our expert in-house engineers for on-site system maintenance and management.

Get a comprehensive water report breakdown and water treatment solution estimate when you send us your water test results to analyse.

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Water Purification Systems Engineered in Our Innovation Lab.

EMWC offers a complete range of water purification solutions for home and industry. Here are some of our most recent projects.
**EMWC offers professional training and instruction for the management and handling of your water purification system on-site**


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