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Water filter bottles protect children from the harmful effects of unfiltered water

Every child has the right to clean and safe drinking water, but exactly how safe is our water?  It may look clean and normal to the naked eye, but it may be unsafe for drinking without purifying it. According to recent studies due to contaminated water and weak immune systems, diarrhoea is the second leading cause of ill health in children under the age of five years old. Diarrhoea takes the lives of around 525 000 children every year as it contains elements such as ammonia, arsenic, copper, pathogens and fluoride, but it can be prevented through safe drinking water.   There are many ways of filtering your child’s water source however it’s not portable, which is one of the many benefits of a water filter bottle. Here are the reasons why.

Maintains health

You’ve heard the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but did you know that providing your child with filtered water from a water filter bottle is just as effective? By allowing them to quench their thirst with pure drinking water, you’ll be protecting their developing immune system. How is this possible you may ask? Well, it removes any harmful particles, as well as protects their bodies from diseases, which all leads to fantastic overall health and sustained energy levels.


The children of today are the future leaders of tomorrow and they need to be taught the importance of an ever-increasing scarce resource like water, especially clean drinking water. Bottled water is not always the answer and is not always environmentally friendly. You’re probably under the impression that bottled water doesn’t cost that much either; however, add it all up and it’ll total to a pretty penny.

Instead of purchasing water or installing water filters in your home if you don’t have financial resources, invest in a water filter bottle. You’ll be saving money at the end of the day, which can be put towards your child’s education or extra-curricular activities.

Go Green

The earth is our home, and it’s in our best interest that we take care of it with renewed effort. By giving children bottles with water filters, it will not only help the planet (no plastic throw-aways) but also teach them about preserving water and Mother Nature at the same time. Most plastic bottles end up in landfills which have a massive impact on the environment as it takes time for the plastic to degrade.  In addition to this, it takes a significant amount of energy to produce plastic bottles, as well as the energy it takes to deliver and store the bottles before going to market.

By having a water filter bottle, your kids can enjoy fresh water, while living in the education of preserving nature and water.

In today’s society, everything is modernising and moving toward conservation and education. Move with the times and join the movement in conserving our water.

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