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Here’s why…

  • Highly effective way to save water
  • Decreases your need to rely on municipal water
  • Clean and eco-friendly
  • More affordable than other systems
  • Quick and easy installation

What makes rainwater so great?

Rainwater has a very pure composition with a low total dissolved solids content.

However, it should be treated in the proper manner before being used in your home.

Why should rainwater be treated?

Rainwater tends to be acidic (pH±5.6). This is due to factors such as the interaction with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, and plant & animal matter in the catchment areas.  And this also means that it may be contaminated with organic matter.

With these pH values as well as low total dissolved solids, the water is aggressive and corrosive to infrastructure such as plumbing and machinery.

It also contains micro-organics which contribute to undesirable tastes and odours, as well as being a food source for the growth of micro-organisms.

How should rainwater be treated?

Hence the catchment water is treated by correcting the pH by the dissolving of calcite media. This increases the pH to neutrality as well as increasing the calcium and magnesium concentration of the water. This process makes it less aggressive and corrosive.

The organic matter is removed by adsorption mechanisms in granulated activated carbon filters as well as the microbial activity eradicated by UV radiation.

What do I need to treat rainwater?

Depending on the size of the water catchment storage tanks, as well as the predicted daily usage there are a variety of systems which can be implemented to suit your needs.

The systems come equipped with booster pumps and variable speed drives to provide a constant pressure into the household as well as automatic backwash heads for the carbon filters.

The systems are also ideal for treating municipal water, hence when rainwater is not available, the system can be utilized to purify municipal water. This helps to remove undesired disinfectants such as chlorine and organics, as well as stabilizing the pH.

Here’s how we can help you…

Our systems come in  5 sizes depending on the size of the household where it is to be installed.  Pricing starts from R 25 000.00 (Incl VAT) for the 3-phase big blue system.

Here’s a look at the basic systems…

Component Breakdown

BB3Scala 2BlockBlockIn pumpUV12BTSV
WHF2Scala 210”35”10”35”In pumpUV12BTSV
WHF7+2 x CHL4-602 x 10”54”13”54”2 x ITMP1.5-BCUV45BTSV

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