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Pure water solutions designed with you in mind

At EMWC we know water, but more importantly, we know our clients. Every water purification system we design starts with you – with a comprehensive analysis of your unique water challenges and pure water needs. Only then do our engineers put pen to paper to custom design and build something that’s efficient, sustainable and cost-effective. Something built with you in mind.

Reverse Osmosis

One of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of turning groundwater or municipal water into ultra pure water of the highest quality. Invented in the USA in the 1970s, reverse osmosis systems utilise intense pressure to push water through semi-permeable membranes, removing up to 99% of contaminants in the process.

  • Reverse osmosis removes lead and other heavy metals, salts, minerals, dyes, viruses, bacteria and other microbiological organisms.
  • Suitable for small to extra large industrial applications including municipal water plants, hospitals, food and beverage manufacturing, the hospitality industry and agriculture. We also supply smaller domestic reverse osmosis systems.
  • EMWC reverse osmosis systems feature an energy-recovery alternative to reduce operating costs. Our water purification systems are designed to deliver and built to last.

Metal Removal

EMWC is one of the industry leaders in the field of metal removal. Years of experience has enabled us to refine our ‘recipe’, delivering metal removal water treatment solutions that work better and last longer.

  • Remove ferric, manganese and arsenic from surface water and groundwater sources like boreholes. Our triple-pronged approach involving oxidation, PH correction and AFM filtration are precisely targeted to your unique water challenges.
  • From correct filter size, to the right flow rate, to effective backwashing – because scientific analysis is the bedrock of our approach, we design metal removal solutions that require less maintenance and are more efficient.

Media Filtration

At EMWC our tech-led AFM and GAC media filtration solutions offer a cost-effective way of purifying surface or wastewater with a high total dissolved solids (TDS) concentration. Applications include drinking water purification, pre-treatment prior to membrane purification processes, purification of industrial process water and wastewater treatment to meet environmental standards for effluent discharge.

  • AFM Media Filtration: Our activated glass filter media delivers an 80% better performance than traditional sand or crushed glass media. It is self-sterilising so it won’t bio-foul, and it has a 10-year lifespan. Negatively charged to electro-statically attract organics and small particles, our AFM media filtration are highly effective at removing parasites, phosphates, arsenic, iron and manganese from water.
  • GAC Media Filtration: Coconut shell or coal based, our granular activated carbon filters are highly effective at removing chlorine, organic chemicals, and compounds that give water a foul odour or taste such as hydrogen sulphide.

Nano Filtration

With a pore size of around 0.001 micron, nano filtration removes most organic molecules and natural organic matter from ground or surface water with a low total dissolved solids concentration. As it’s very efficient at removing ions from water,  its greatest benefit is its ability to soften water.

  • Effective at treating hard water; removing colour from water, separating organic from inorganic material
  • Major application for food and beverage manufacture and pharmaceutical industries
  • Suitable pre-treatment regime for water intended for reverse osmosis systems

UV Sterilization

The most effective way of disinfecting water, UV sterilization will kill 99,9% of all harmful bacteria and viruses in groundwater and surface water. Environmentally friendly with low maintenance requirements, we offer customised, affordable UV sterilization solutions for industry and homes.

  • Destroys micro-organisms’ ability to replicate by disrupting their DNA structure
  • Effectively kills e. coli, coliform bacteria, giardia, and cryptosporidium
  • 100% natural, no additives or chemicals to alter colour or odour of water


In an increasingly water-scarce country, Cape-based EMWC is leading the way in developing cutting-edge reverse osmosis desalination plants with an energy-recovery alternative to reduce operating costs.

  • Our desalination plants are designed to turn highly saline groundwater and sea water into fresh water by removing 99% of salt.
  • Longevity is key when dealing with corrosive salinity. Which is why we use superior materials, for plants that require less maintenance and are built to last.
  • Whether its for agriculture, municipal drinking water, manufacturing, or the energy and marine sectors, contact EMWC for a custom desalination plant design that meets your needs.


The average family of four flushes away up to 400 litres of reusable water every single day. With droughts and water restrictions fast becoming the new normal, it’s time to future-proof your home with an affordable, customised greywater solution that turns your wastewater into usable water.

  • Our greywater water purification systems effectively treat and purify any domestic wastewater from baths, showers, basins and washing machines.
  • No odours, no harmful chemicals – what you get is water pure enough to use for flushing toilets, watering your garden and even doing the laundry. Done right, we can help you reuse up to 80% of the water in your home safely, giving you ongoing massive savings on your municipal water bill.
  • Because we know that every penny counts, our custom solutions give you exactly what you need – nothing more, nothing less.


Wastewater need not be wasted. At EMWC we have partnered with leaders in the field of sewage treatment, Maskam Water, to offer our customers an effective, safe, and affordable way to treat their wastewater or black water to DWS standards.

  • Treat as much as 15 000 litres of black and greywater per day. Our range of Fusion Series Treatment Systems are suitable for anything from small residential developments up to large commercial environments.
  • Our wastewater water purification systems are installed completely underground, have a small footprint, low maintenance requirement with no downtime and use very little power.
  • Not a brand new build? Not a problem. Our wastewater solutions can be retrofitted for septic tanks, conservancy tanks and other systems.

Not sure which solution you need?

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